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India is an ancient and mysterious country with a long cultural heritage and a great developing country. Under the leadership of prime minister Modi, India has vigorously developed its economy, and the market potential of the textile industry is huge. As one of the most basic industries of the people’s livelihood, the gross product of the textile industry is 20% in India industry, the employment population of the industry is 82 million, and the 25% of the export volume of India comes from the textile industry.

Recently, three India customers are not far away from the journey of the star rain, the spring rain, the cold, the plane can not wait to come to my company to look at the operation of the jet loom they bought. Excellent quality and foreign trade department’s patience and meticulous explanation, won the trust of India customers, during the visit decided to immediately install cabinets shipments. At the same time, the customer’s full visit and understanding of the company, the bright, neat and tidy factory, high quality staff and well organized management, full of confidence in the strength of the day a red flag spinning machine, very willing to be a loyal customer and brand propagandist of HQF.

Thousands of thousands of painstaking, blowing out the sand to the gold. The chairman proposed that, in view of the innovation of technology in India and the international market, continuous innovation with market force technology, breakthrough technology bottleneck and adaptation to market demand. Facing this huge potential textile market, Qingdao Tianyi Hongqi textile machine has won the trust of customers by quality and service, and from many international brands. Out. Based on India, the company continues to develop European and Southeast Asian markets. Its products are exported to more than 10 Asian European countries such as Ukraine, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries. And the international brand of red flag spinning machine has been molded by excellent quality. Mastering the core technology is to occupy the market share and open the international market to meet the needs of India market. Not only has China set up the banner of Qingdao Tianyi red flag spinning machine, but also gained the world recognized trademark of China’s well-known trademark.

Post time: Jul-18-2018
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